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Turnaround and Restructuring Advisory

Companies face strategic and financial challenges for a variety of reasons and as a result their operations can come to a halt. Cash is typically tight and time is of essence. The most important issue in such cases is to be able to intervene on time with a professional touch.

Pergo is distinguished for its extensive track record in providing turnkey solutions in complex restructuring projects. We have engineered many landmark transactions with favourable outcomes for our clients and creditors. Our clients rely on Pergo for professionalism and experience. They know we can accomplish results they couldn’t otherwise.

We are the best address in Turkey for Turnaround and Restructuring Advisory

We have done it before: Our team has completed numerous successful restructuring projects as C-Level bankers, corporate executives and advisors for more than 35 years.
Only senior involvement: Restructuring requires experience and we act accordingly.
Turnkey projects: We believe that restructuring projects can only be successful together with a turnaround plan. We undertake turnaround and restructuring as a single project.
Guidance and Monitoring: Following the approval of a restructuring project we continue advising and monitoring for 12 months to ensure a successful outcome.
Senior level contacts: Senior level local and international relationships we have developed over the years in finance/banking, industry/technology and business world facilitates us to act faster.
Focus/Core business: We are unique in the industry.

We help underperforming companies improve financial results and creditors maximise their recoveries. We provide turn-key services for companies in troubled financial situations to help identify problems, develop solutions and implement them with accuracy.

Services we provide:

Assessment of actual sources of problems and developing clear solutions
Define and implement a turnaround plan
Restructuring strategy
Restructuring of existing debt and additional working capital
Creditor negotiations
12 month monitoring following restructuring approval
Turnkey restructuring and turnaround projects