Our Services

Capital Advisory

Pergo advises clients on their most critical financing decisions related to their capital needs, IPO and M&A, in line with their objectives. We recognise that every situation is unique and that traditional solutions are not always best suited for our clients. We bring considerable experience negotiating and structuring tailored solutions.

Initial Public Offering Advisory (IPO)

Companies require capital to fuel growth. They often use IPO as a way to generate the capital needed to expand. An IPO is a turning point in the life of a company, providing access to financing and expansion opportunities and also exit options for shareholders.

IPOs are complex transactions that require detailed preparation and planning. We, as your independent advisor, advise you without any conflict of interest, on how to prepare for, and execute, a successful IPO:

  • We advise shareholders whether an IPO is a viable option
  • We prepare the company for a successful IPO
  • As project advisor, we coordinate all the parties involved and guide you through the transaction process until the first day of trading on the stock exchange.


Pergo is a leading corporate finance house with extensive expertise and in-depth market knowledge in mid-market M&A transactions. We provide senior level service and attention on all transactions and our professionals have the ability to identify the best-suited parties to a transaction. We evaluate potential targets as well as financial and strategic alternatives. We advise on strategy, timing, structure, financing, pricing, and we assist in negotiating and closing transactions to ensure a successful execution.